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Perplexity x Playground

Playground is thrilled to announce that our latest model, Playground v2.5, is now a default image generation tool within Perplexity – the fastest and most accurate way to search the web. With this integration, Perplexity users can now generate original images on the fly to illustrate and enhance their searches. Instead of sorting through generic and spammy SEO-optimized images in their searches, users get high-quality, customized artwork and graphics powered by Playground’s state-of-the-art ima

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Introducing Playground v2.5

Playground v2.5 is the state-of-the-art open-source model in aesthetic quality.

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Playground v2: A new leap in creativity

We’re providing open weights for Playground v2 - an early preview of our efforts to make increasingly powerful graphics models. You can visit to try it out. The model is also available on HuggingFace if you wish to download it. Commercial use is permitted. Benchmarks Early benchmarks have shown that Playground v2 is preferred 2.5x more than Stable Diffusion XL. Across thousands of prompts, we asked thousands of users which image they preferred by showing them an image from eac

Playground raises $40M to advance the field of computer graphics

“For the first time, I saw a way to simultaneously create art and develop a technical understanding of how to create a new kind of imagery. Making pictures with a computer spoke to both sides of my brain. To be sure, the pictures that could be rendered on a computer were very crude in 1969, but the act of inventing new algorithms and seeing better pictures as a result was thrilling to me. In its own way, my childhood dream was reasserting itself.” — Ed Catmull (Founder of Pixar) We have raised


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