Create like a Pro


  • Create 50 images per day

  • Use images commercially

  • Wait times during peak hours

  • Fixed image dimensions

  • Waiting period after 50 images

  • Generate one image at a time

  • Limits on quality and details (max 30 steps)

  • Compressed download (JPEG)

  • 3 presets

  • 5 creative upscales per month

  • 30 subtle upscales per month

  • 30 prompt expansions

  • 30 Photorealism images per month


$144 will be charged when annual
  • Create 1,000 images per day

  • Use images commercially

  • No limits on image dimensions up to 1M pixels

  • No limits on quality and details (steps)

  • Faster image generation

  • High quality download (PNG)

  • Permanent Private mode

  • Unlimited presets

  • 100 creative upscales per month

  • Unlimited subtle upscales, presets, prompt expansions

  • Search all your images

  • Unlimited Photorealism images


$432 will be charged when annual
    Includes everything in Pro, plus...
  • Create 2,000 images per day

  • Create 16 images simultaneously

  • Faster image generation

  • 250 creative upscales per month

Fill out this form to request API access. We're prioritizing plans starting at a minimum of 1M images per month.

Frequently asked questions

How can I cancel or update my credit card?

Once you log in, visit this pricing page again. Clicking “Manage” underneath the right plan will allow you to cancel, update your payment method, or download a receipt.

Do you offer API access to your tool?

We are working with a select number of partners at this time. Currently, we are prioritizing potential partners whose users will generate more than 1M images a month. To inquire about potential API use, please fill out this form. We will reach out if it could be a fit.

I’ve hit my daily generation limit, when will it reset or how do I get more?

Daily limits are based on a rolling 24 hour period, so they don’t reset at a set time (e.g., midnight). As time elapses, you’ll be able to make more based on how many images you’ve created in the prior 24 hours. You can purchase a Pro plan to increase your daily limit to 2,000 images. When you hit 80% of your limit for the period, you’ll see a counter telling you how many more you have left.

What payment methods can I use?

We only accept credit cards and debit cards at the moment. Contact us at to request other options.

How does copyright work on Playground? Who owns the images I create?

Regardless of the plan, you own the images you create on Playground. You can use them for personal or commercial use (YouTube, Etsy, Instagram, etc.), as long as you follow our terms. Just don’t use someone else’s images without their approval.

Why do I sometimes get an error “Please do not use multiple accounts”?

We don’t allow you to use multiple accounts to get around our free limits. If you don’t have multiple accounts, this might occur because you’re on a public Internet connection where other people are also using Playground. You can either buy a Pro plan or use another Internet connection to stop this from happening.